Who my God is? (1)

David F. Wells wrote in his book titled “God in the Wasteland”:

“We have turned to a God that we can use rather than to a God we must obey; we have turned to a God who will fulfill our needs rather than to a God before whore we must surrender our rights to ourselves. He is a God for us, for our satisfaction-not because we have learned to think of him in this way through Christ but because we have learned to think of him this way through the marketplace. In the marketplace, everything is for us, for our pleasure, for our satisfaction, faction, and we have come to assume that it must be so in the church as well. And so we transform the God of mercy into a God who is at our mercy. We imagine that he is benign, that he will acquiesce as we toy with his reality and to co-opt him in the promotion of our ventures and careers…

And if the sunshine of his benign grace fails to warm us as we expect, if he fails to shower prosperity and success on us, we will find ourselves unable to believe in him anymore.”

What a warning to our contemporary practice of applying consumerism to how we treat and respond to faith!


  WRITER    Sandra Liu
PHOTOGRAPHER    Phoebe Yu               
DESIGNER    Crystal Bien

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