The vision of “RiverBien” is to become the ideal place for artists.

We are committed to creating a vibrant and creative platform that provides opportunities for artists to showcase, promote, and sell their work, allowing their artistic creations to be recognized and appreciated more widely. We aim to be partners for artists, enabling them to easily share their creations with a global audience through our platform, fulfilling their dreams and aspirations on their artistic journey. We will continuously provide innovative tools and services to support artists’ creative activities and strive to build an inclusive and welcoming artistic community where every artist feels valued and important. Whether emerging artists or established masters, RiverBien aims to be their ideal place to showcase talent and broaden horizons.

By embracing the life-giving source of living water, we aspire to be like trees planted by streams of water, bearing fruit in due season that moves hearts and encourages, inspires, and uplifts lives. We look forward to using the fruits of art to connect with each other, explore life, and experience living to the fullest.


Crystal Bien is the founder of RiverBien and a business consultant at a startup in Silicon Valley. She was an instructor at the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University before moving to California. Prior to this, she served on the Taiwan Sovereign Fund as a project manager and representative board director for several biotech companies. She also had consulting experience and training at IBM and the UNIEI Lab in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Bien received her Ph.D in Strategic Management from Purdue University, MS.c in Applied Biotechnology from the University of Nottingham in England, and BS from National Taiwan University.

On the RiverBien platform, Dr. Bien will post her paintings to share biblical wisdom about the work and marriage.

Peiwen Yu, currently serves as Vice President, Discovery Biology at Exelixis, Inc. Dr. Yu has been an Exelixis veteran for more than 17 years joining the company in 2001 with a successful track record of her work on cabozantinib and cobimetinib. Her extensive experience has been involved in cancer drug discovery, late stage preclinical development, translational medicine, clinical trial management, and medical affairs. Although most of her career was spent at Exelixis, Dr. Yu started her career in industry at Hoffman-La Roche, Rigel, Inc., and OBI. The combination of that work provided Dr. Yu with more than 20 years of extensive experience in oncology drug discovery and development, immuno-oncology, inflammation, translational medicine, and medical affairs.

Dr. Yu received her Ph.D. in Immunology/Pathobiological Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Madison, BS and MS form National Taiwan University, and studied EMBA at NCCU 2016-2017. She also severed as a president of the Chinese Bioscience Association in 2012; and a board director of TFGHAA-NC in 2010-2011. 

On the RiverBien platform, Dr. Yu uses her experience in sketch, transparent watercolor, and ink painting to create paintings and share God’s words.

Ruth Li is an art teacher and an engineering consultant at Silicon Valley.

Dr. Li received her Ph.D. and MS in electrical engineering from Canada and the US;  BS in Microelectronics from China. She has since been working for companies like Intel, SMIC, and HP for over 25 years. 

Ruth has taken art classes from a young age and was trained in art colleges in the US. She paints in both the stormy seasons of her life and in times of gratitude, and the process strengthens her and brings peace to her heart.

On the RiverBien platform, Dr. Li posts her paintings to share biblical wisdom and her path of spiritual growth.

Liyuan Zhang is a graphic designer and artist. She received her associate in arts degree at DVC in 2019 in California. At the beginning of 2020, she moved to Alaska and engaging in art and freelance. 

Liyuan has enjoyed painting since she was a child, but she started artistic creation in recent years when she started learning graphic design. 

Expect of painting and graphic design, she also enjoys photography. She wants to use a paintbrush and camera to record all the beautiful things created by God and to share with people!

Molly T., a Taiwanese artist, is deeply passionate about painting, reading manga, and listening to opera.

She primarily utilizes digital drawing, graphite pencils, and pastels, encompassing a wide range of styles including abstract art, surrealism, and mixed media.

Molly finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and all living beings created by God, often portraying plants and animals in her artwork.

While her earlier works leaned towards darker and more negative themes, Molly’s journey with Christianity, which began in middle school when she joined a church, has profoundly impacted her art. Experiencing life’s joys and sorrows alongside Jesus Christ has allowed her to immerse herself in His love, resulting in a shift towards creating more positive pieces. She invites Jesus to accompany her in every creative process, filling her work with meaning and purpose.

Jessie Chen is an animal lover and a highly sensitive individual who finds solace in painting to navigate his emotions.

Throughout her journey, she experienced emotional compression, leading to numbness and repression… until she encountered an environmental organization. With their support, Jessie reconnected with nature, picked up her paintbrush again, and found solace in her faith.

Eventually, his emotions began to flow once more, as if rebooted. Now, he seeks to comfort others through his art, aiming to become an instrument of divine inspiration.

Alice Hsiao is a multimedia artist at the intersection of film, art, and botany. With roots in the film industry since 2000, Alice has lent expertise in visual, artistic, and styling direction to a diverse range of projects including advertisements, films, idol dramas, concerts, and magazine features. Known for a naturalistic approach, this aesthete focuses on uncovering the unique beauty inherent in each individual and the natural world.

Transitioning to the realm of fine art in 2013, Alice began exhibiting in 2021, aiming to share blessings through artistic expression with a broader audience. Drawing from personal experiences of childhood orphanhood and exposure to domestic violence, a strong advocacy for vulnerable children, women, and female issues permeates their work.

In recent years, Alice has expanded their creative repertoire to include plant care and spatial design, seamlessly integrating aesthetic philosophies into everyday life.

Daniel Li is an artist, worship drummer, and Commercial License Pilot; currently pursuing the Master degree of Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautic University.

Daniel received his BS in Life Sciences from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, and served at Evergreen Group as salesman and cadet pilot prior to his flight training toward aviation industry in Oklahoma, USA. As a Highly Sensitive Person, Daniel was selected into Artistically Gifted Program in early childhood, which build up the foundation and mindset to change the world through aesthetics.

On the RiverBien Page, Daniel uses his paintings to share biblical wisdom applied to education, life-long learning, and career-pursuit.

Hi I’m Rosemarie! 

I just got married and moved to California and currently working as a QA engineer in Silicon Valley. 

In my free time, I love crafting, scrapbooking and bible journaling. Since I’m not very good at doodling, hand lettering God’s words has drew me in!

 My heart is to share and encourage the world with words in the Bible as His words remain the same yesterday, and today and FOREVER!


Belinda founded the Double Portion Media to serve sister fellowships. She also partners in ministry with her husband Tong Liu, Senior Pastor at the River of Life Christian Church in Silicon Valley, California.

Belinda has the gifts of teaching and healing. God gave Belinda a heart for Israel, and through her prayer ministry for Middle East, God has opened up new opportunities in the region.

Belinda is the best partner of her husband and the friend of her two daughters. She enjoys both her roles as the pastor’s wife and as the “PHD” student in the kingdom of God (Preaching, Healing, Deliverance).

There is a plaque on her wall which says: ‘Daughter: “The ‘Mom’ that everyone calls MOM”, Husband: “The sweetest and affectionate wife”, and Congregation: “The area pastor that is most motherly” ‘. 

She is the author of several best-selling books including “Woman’s Curse and Blessing”, “Pray for the Spiritual Character of Child”, and “Promise and Healing”.

She also hosts radio and TV talk shows. On the RiverBien platform, Belinda will use writing to share biblical wisdom.

Aurora Lin, a creative content planner with solid media-buy marketing skills possess 7-year experience as a digital marketing strategist. She is now a copywriter and strategist for RiverBien, and also a social media consultant at some start up in Taiwan. Prior to this, she worked for one of the world’s top ten market cap technology companies.

She graduated from National ChengChi University with a Bachelor’s degree in Ethnology, which made her an observer with a pair of photo-eyes to analyze surrounding in a unique angle. 

She is a word addict, and this is her first attempt to serve God with words.

Dr. Sandra S. Liu has had training in pharmacy, preventive medicine/public health, strategic marketing, and biblical counseling. She has worked in the areas of entrepreneurship, global marketing and sales, and universities and executive training and education. Sandra is currently professor and director at Purdue University and is active in engaging in executive education and training, and innovative endeavors in multiple sectors and developing sustainable business models for various organizations.

One the RiverBien Page, Dr. Liu shares her thoughts and reflections on the Bible.

Bev Moore lives on a farm in Indiana with her husband. She is on the counseling staff at her church and she and her husband minister to international students attending Purdue University.


I-ling graduated from Bellevue College and Cornish College of art, major in Interior Design in Seattle.  Before she major in Art, she was studied in University of California , Irvine major in Business. I-ling have an eyes to see the beauty in the world. God has given me the talent to express my creativity through art. Beside interior design, she is passionate about children, music, photography, drawing, painting and dancing. Art is a way for her to communicate to the world.  


Anna Liao, hailing from a family deeply rooted in pastoral music, emerged as a prodigious musical talent in Taiwan during her childhood. She pursued her passion for music by obtaining a Master’s degree in Music from San Jose State University and furthering her studies at Stanford University.

With an illustrious career, she has held positions as a music professor and department chair at prominent institutions including Florida State University, University of California campuses, and theological seminaries. Anna has also showcased her talent as a choral conductor, serving as the leader of professional choirs.

Her vocal prowess has been highlighted in various settings, including solo performances in chamber music and collaborations with renowned conductor Dr. Archibeque. Anna’s teaching expertise has taken her across the globe, from the United States and Canada to Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

Additionally, she has served as a judge for numerous choir, piano, solo, and composition competitions, lending her discerning ear and musical insight. Presently, Anna holds the position of Creative Minister at Life River Bread of Life Church and collaborates as a teacher at RiverBien Art Studio, enriching the artistic community with her passion and expertise.