RiverBien Spreads Warmth on Mother’s Day: Free Crafting Sessions for Children

This Mother’s Day, RiverBien participated in the “Oh My Mom!” Mother’s Day Carnival, organized by the World Journal’s San Francisco branch. The event was held at the Chinese Cultural and Community Service Center in the Bay Area, attracting many families and children to celebrate this special day together.

On the day of the event, RiverBien offered a special free crafting session for children. During the session, the kids designed and created Mother’s Day cards, which became unique gifts for their mothers. The children selected paper, cut out shapes, and painted their blessings with care. Through this crafting activity, they not only learned creative expression but also took the time to reflect on and appreciate their mothers’ love.


A mother’s love is selfless, patient, gentle, and reliable. These qualities were fully reflected in the children’s card designs. Each colorful card was filled with words of gratitude, as the children used their tender handwriting to express their love and best wishes for their mothers, filling the event with laughter and warmth.

RiverBien hopes that through this participation, children can learn to appreciate their mothers and that more families can feel the warmth and support from the community. The crafting session turned the children’s gratitude into tangible actions.

This event not only provided the children with a fulfilling and enjoyable Mother’s Day but also helped them cherish every moment spent with their mothers. RiverBien aims to spread love and care through such activities, allowing more people to experience the warmth of family and the preciousness of familial bonds.

The Mother’s Day Carnival was not just an opportunity for joyful gathering but also a moment to collectively celebrate the great love of mothers. Thanks to the World Journal’s San Francisco branch for their thoughtful planning, making this Mother’s Day so special. RiverBien looks forward to participating in more meaningful events in the future, bringing love and warmth to more families.

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