Love with Actions and in Truth

Love with action and in truth

While reflecting on this verse today, I was struggling with writer’s block — love, always easier to say than to do.

With recent changes in my life, my workplace, I want to be honest with you that it is tough for me to love my husband, love my family, and love my colleagues. I am unable to love those unlovable people.

But guess what? Jesus loves us so much to the point that he laid his life for us! The love of Jesus taught us to be selfless and giving. Words of love that never translated into action are worthless.

Love is not only a noun, a feeling; love is also a verb, an action! Love can succeed only in an environment where it is allowed to give, for genuine love is sacrificial giving. With Jesus’ sacrificial love in mind, actions of love toward people around us don’t seem that hard anymore. 

Today, I encourage you to pass down His love with actions and in truth. Actions speak louder than words!

“let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” — 1 John 3:18


 ARTIST    Rosemarie Chiu
WRITER    Rosemarie Chiu

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