Unable to experience God’s love?


【🍀 God’s Love 】

Have you ever felt like a duckweed tossed on the water? That there is no place to anchor yourself to in this big wide world? When I first encountered God, I was often confused as to how to experience God’s love. Later on I learned from the pastor in a Sunday sermon as He discerned that God shows us His love through His creation of the natural world. Love isn’t a mere feeling, but you must be immersed in it to experience it. Then I was struck with the realization that God’s love is in the gentle breeze, it’s in the clear blue sky and the mysterious shape-shifting clouds; God’s love is in the sparkling azure lake, the gargling spring waters, and in the warmth of the sunrise and the magnificent sunset; God’s love is the emerald earth and the bird’s sonnets and the flower’s fragrances and brilliant hues. God’s love transcends time and space, and as long as we seek it with a sincere heart, as long as we are willing, God’s love is upon our fingertips.


God knows each of us and He understands our difficulties and needs. The way to feel God’s love can be very personal and unique. It could be felt through our prayers and His answers to them; or it could be a smile or a greeting from the stranger on the street, or the carefree swinging in the park, or simply the butterfly fluttering by your feet, or the spider web glistening in the sun… We can feel God’s gentle love even in a moment of silence in nature. We just have to stop for a moment and feel with our hearts, and we will experience God’s love full of peace and truth, great and eternal that engulfs us.


If you are unable to experience God’s love, know this confidently: Jesus’ great and sacrificial love on the cross is for you and I, as well as the unconditional forgiveness of our sins. I believe that you will be able to experience the abundant love of God and the grace we do not deserve!


“I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me.” - ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭8:17‬ ‭



          ARTIST    Phoebe Yu (Peiwen)
        WRITER     Phoebe Yu (Peiwen)
 ENGLISH EDITOR     Sophia Tu                            

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