Global Young Entrepreneurs Star award​ – Dr. Crystal Bien

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This year, Crystal Bian, who runs RiverBien, the Art and Cultural Platform, was honored with “Global Young Entrepreneur Star” award. In August, she released her first picture book, “Things I Wish I Knew Earlier.”

This year, the founder of RivrerBien – Dr. Crystal Bien, who was honored as the “Global Young Entrepreneur Star” by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission, hosted the “Speak with Heart Art Exhibition” tea party at Taipei Fubon Art Court on August 5.

Having served as a corporate consultant and engaged in cultural promotion in the United States for many years, she admitted that this was her first time organizing an art exhibition in Taiwan. There were many unfamiliar aspects, but when she took the microphone and spoke about how to balance her roles as a Silicon Valley senior manager and entrepreneur, connecting the experiences of artists in Taipei and North America, she spoke confidently. She also introduced RiverBien’s first illustrated book, “Things I Wish I Knew Earlier.”

Cultural Impact Encountered in Church During Graduate School in the United States

During the exhibition, it was evident that many of Crystal’s works incorporated verses from the Bible. When discussing her connection with Christianity, she recalled that although she knew her mother was a Christian from a young age, it wasn’t until university that she was influenced by her peers and discovered the values of Christianity. It was then that she became enthusiastic about participating in church activities.

In 2012, when she first arrived in Indiana to pursue her Ph.D. at Purdue University, she found it challenging to adapt. The university town where she lived was not as lively as the familiar Taipei metropolis. Besides the heavy academic workload, she also taught as a lecturer in English to undergraduates, which added to the pressure.

To improve her English skills for teaching, she decided to attend gatherings at predominantly Caucasian clubs. It was during this time that she had what she jokingly called a “cultural impact.”

Observing the church gatherings, she noticed that many church volunteers and service workers had significant achievements in their regular professions. Despite facing similar pressures in their everyday work, they still found time to participate in serving others, often catering to international students like herself who would leave Indiana after graduation.


After contemplation, she remembered reading the book “Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success” during her Ph.D. studies. The book discussed how “givers” tend to have more influence than “takers” and those engaged in mutual benefit. Understanding this principle, she started to value the opportunities to serve others during gatherings and teaching, laying the foundation for founding RiverBien.

Sharing Life Stories – Establishing RiverBien with Passion for Art

Recalling her childhood enthusiasm for drawing, she believed that art would be a suitable form of expression. Although she didn’t have formal training in fine arts, her parents encouraged her to participate in various art classes and learn drawing from a young age. Her passion for drawing became a significant companion in every stage of her life.


As for the motivation behind establishing RiverBien after graduation, she remembered a question posed by a pastor during a sermon during her Ph.D. studies: “Why do people have to experience suffering?” Initially, she thought the answer would be to make oneself stronger, but unexpectedly, the pastor continued, saying, “People’s suffering and setbacks can become blessings to others.” This made her contemplate that the difficulties she perceived as personal challenges could be stories to others. If people shared these stories, it could enhance mutual empathy and enrich lives.


Consequently, amidst her competitive career in Silicon Valley, she began sharing her creations on social media, gradually connecting with resonant amateur creators. Due to the shared philosophy of “giving,” many joined her cause, leading to her decision to establish a company to provide a stage for these creators.


In addition to organizing exhibitions, RiverBien also participates in non-profit organization charity events, adhering to the original intention of “sharing,” ensuring that their creations can help more people. This year, Crystal has also been involved in early childhood art education, guiding, and encouraging children to enter the art field, fostering their confidence and creativity.


In August, RiverBien launched its first published work, the illustrated book “Things I Wish I Knew Earlier (早知道就好的事).” The motivation behind creating this book was to encourage her younger self and share it with more young friends, providing answers and comfort during similar challenges.


Regarding being selected as a Global Young Entrepreneur Star, Crystal expressed deep gratitude and touched emotions. She acknowledged that since studying abroad, she had been supported by Taiwan government scholarships, enabling her to complete her studies. Receiving this award made her feel that overseas students are not alone and that there is a warm government support system behind them.            

The “Speak with Heart, Art Exhibition” is now free to visit at Taipei Fubon Art Court. All friends interested in RiverBien are welcome to attend.

On August 5th, Crystal Bien hosted the “Speak from the Heart, Art Exhibition” tea party at the Fubon Art Courtyard in Taipei.

Beyond curating exhibitions and publishing, Crystal is actively involved in the field of children’s art education, guiding and encouraging children to explore the world of art.

In addition to organizing art exhibitions and cultural education, RiverBien also participates in nonprofit organizations’ charity events.