Sleeping in peace


“I haven’t slept well these days!” Insomnia and restless sleep may be a common problem that we often hear this year. Stress from work? Too much trouble in mind? Especially the anxiety and fear caused by the epidemic, do you often have the endless nights that your body is lying down, but your mind keeps sitting up all night?

Sleep helps our brain detoxify and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Someone even said: The rest of your life depends on your remaining nights! Pray for the Lord to help us, quiet our hearts, and give you the faith to unload Him your burdens and let Him solve the problems for you. We are those God loves most, and our Lord ” He never slumbers or sleeps. The LORD watches over you” (Psalm 121:4-5). When we know that heavenly Father is tenderly watching over us, we definitely can sleep in peace.

ART | WORD: Phoebe Yu

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