Rooted in Christ, Fruitful in Life


It has been three months since I began training myself to do devotions in the early morning, practice drums, and exercise daily.

There was this day that I can hardly hold a plank during core training. (You never realize how long a minute is until you exercise, true story.) Just when I couldn’t keep up, a thought came into my mind:
“Adjust your breath. Praise and worship the Lord with your mouth.”
To my surprise, this painful challenge turned into a beautiful moment of worship.

When I persist in doing workout every day, my body grows stronger each day. When I follow through doing devotions every morning, heavenly peace grows within me.

So today, I encourage you to grow like a tree, planted by the stream of living water. For it is when we are rooted in Christ, we yield an abundant and fruitful life!

Your strength will equal your days (Deuteronomy 33:25)

ARTIST___. Daniel Li
WRITER__..Daniel Li
EDITOR___Rosemarie Chiu