Magic grace


No matter how old we are, Does the pure and innocent child still lives in our hearts?

God is pleased by those with pure of heart, so I decided to draw a boy who is holding a gigantic magical box in his hands, filled with God’s treasures inside, of such abundance, splendeur, glory and satisfaction! Yes, hold on to God’s magical plans for your life tightly.

The boy appears to have everything he could desire in the world, and God loves to grant us all the best rewards you deserve.

I was very excited when I painted the splashes, each stroke I did seems to tell me just how abundant and glorious God’s love and blessings are, it is far beyond what we can ask or imagine.

There was a sound that came to my mind “what I wanted to give you is abounance and wonderful, it’s a steady stream as long as you can hold it …” Ha! Ha! What an amazing painting excitement! It only took me around 5 minute to finish all the glorious splashes. God lifted my hand and directed all the moves, every strike is perfectly done, no modification at all. It was such a wonderful experience with such a super perfect magic box that God created for us, do you like it? To me, this is the one & only creation, since I am not able to paint another exact the same splashes. Yes, this is the only creative painting. Then …what is the one & only in your life? Lord is the one and only unique one in my life ever! How about yours? God bless you!

The grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant, with faith and love which are in Christ Jesus. (‭I Timothy‬ 1:14)

ARTIST___. Phoebe Yu
WRITER__..Phoebe Yu
EDITOR___Sophia Tu