God’s love


Have you ever felt like a duckweed wandering on the water? That there is no place to park your heart in such a big world? I often get confused how to experience God’s love when I encountered God. Later learned from the Sunday messages of pastor that God shows us His love through all kinds of His natural creations; also you don’t feel His love but to experience it. Then I finally realized it that God’s love could be the contemptuous breeze; the bright blue skype with any patterns of clouds; the azure blue lake; the sloppy water in spring; the harmonious sun; the magnificent sunset; the green earth, the whispering birds and flowers fragrant; as well as the colorful flowers and plants. God’s love is all the time and everywhere, it’s pending our sincere heart for it. As long as we are willing to, God’s love is at our fingertips.

God knows each of us and understands our difficulties and needs. The way to feel God’s love can be very personal and unique. It could be obtained through praying and His answers to our prayers; it could be a smile or greeting from a stranger on the street, the swing joys in the park; a falling red leave; a butterfly settle at your foot, the glittering spider web under the sun; …etc. Even a quiet moment in the beautiful nature, we can feel God’s gentle love. As long as we stop and pay attention to it, we can experience that God’s love is peaceful, real, eternal and abundant around us.

If you are not able to experience God’s love, think confidently about the great love of the cross of Jesus; and the unconditional forgiveness of our sin. I believe that you will be able to experience the rich love of God and our unworthy grace.

I love those who love me, And those who seek me diligently will find me. (Proverbs 8:17)

ARTIST___. Phoebe Yu
WRITER__..Phoebe Yu
EDITOR___Sophia Tu