Commit your work to the Lord


When we “commit” our work to the Lord, we no longer rely on our wisdom, our knowledge, but let God take over. We offer everything we do entirely to Him. I especially like this ESV version of the verse because it reminds us to commit our “work” to God.

A lot of time we think the success in our career is up to ourselves and ourselves only, bur this verse reveals the idea that we commit our work to the Lord so that He will establish our plans. We must do the first part if we expect God to fulfill the second part.

So how do we do this? We offer our work to God in our prayer:
Dear father, your words promises that you will establish my plans when I commit my work to you. Today, I give you my career. I offer you my work. I want to invite you to work with me and declare that you reign in my office, in my workplace. Take away my anxiety as I believe that in all things You work for the good of those who love You.

Committing our work to God does not mean stop working hard nor stop being responsible in our job. It is about giving God ownership in our plans. It is about seeking and following God’s will, allowing Him to shape our plans and letting him lead us into success.

Let’s commit our work to God starting TODAY!


 ARTIST    Rosemarie Chiu
WRITER    Rosemarie Chiu

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