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Keep Love in Your Heart

Keeping your love is hard. Especially when you find that people around you are not worth being loved. Don’t give up easily. There are 3 ways to keep love in your heart: Know unequivocally that you are loved by God.So you could always love someone you can’t love because you could take the LOVE you […]


A well-known psychological experiment demonstrates how body image affects people’s self-esteem.  In the experiment, the makeup artist fashioned a distinctive scar on the subject’s face and then secretly erase the scar without them knowing the mark is removed. Participants are then arranged to interact face-to-face with strangers.  Interestingly, most of the participants reported that they […]

Love with Actions and in Truth

While reflecting on this verse today, I was struggling with writer’s block — love, always easier to say than to do. With recent changes in my life, my workplace, I want to be honest with you that it is tough for me to love my husband, love my family, and love my colleagues. I am […]