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God’s Wisdom

When we encounter life challenges, we often seek human wisdom to resolve the issues and don’t think about asking God for help until we are desperate. Yes, humans are smarter and more knowledgeable than other creatures, but our intelligence does not measure up to God’s wisdom.   Since young, I am very used to counting on […]

Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak, Slow to Angry

The thought God gave us is thoughts of peace and not of evil. God does not like disputes. However, as Christians, how should we resolve conflicts in our workplace? For me, when coming to resolve disagreements, I often deal with people’s feelings first.  I believe that emotion is the most critical factor affecting team productivity […]

Bold Lion of Judah

Lion, calmly lying on the prairie. Once a target appears, it shows strength and courage with confidence. Judah came forward and sacrificed himself without a second thought as the family encounter adversity. He stepped in and offered to be a slave in place of his youngest brother Benjamin. This act earned him the position as […]

Love with Actions and in Truth

While reflecting on this verse today, I was struggling with writer’s block — love, always easier to say than to do. With recent changes in my life, my workplace, I want to be honest with you that it is tough for me to love my husband, love my family, and love my colleagues. I am […]

Angel in Disguise

Not all angels are well-dressed or evident at first sight. Often, we would be amazed to find that the people who seem indifferent, who disagreed with us or even suppressed us are, in fact, benefactors to us in the long run. Lord, give me an open-minded heart. Help me not be conformed to this world; […]

God Saves Tears

What is the greatest comfort for a heartbroken person?【My tears have been my food day and night, while people say to me all day long, “Where is your God?”】(Psalm 42:3) Actually God is saving every drop of your tears with his hands; (the white hands represents the Holy God). He turns tears into a string […]

Pure Joy

What is the simplest and purest joy? Maybe a beautifully decorated cake, big and delicious, all to yourself?  Yum!Do you remember the time you had pure happiness just like this? We all love colorful cake adorned with fruits, toppings, and maybe some sweet creams. These decorations are like rewards and gifts from God in life. […]