Bold Lion of Judah

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Lion, calmly lying on the prairie. Once a target appears, it shows strength and courage with confidence.

Judah came forward and sacrificed himself without a second thought as the family encounter adversity. He stepped in and offered to be a slave in place of his youngest brother Benjamin. This act earned him the position as the leader of the family, and the blessing from his father, Jacob.

God blessed the tribe of Judah, and prophesize them to rise like a lion, demonstrating the beauty of Christ. Just as lions are the king of beast, the descendants of the tribe Judah has brought out the demeanor of the king not only in their faith but actions. And more importantly, they build self-awareness and self-confidence in God’s blessings.

This kind of self-confidence comes from prayers in the Holy Spirit. Christ-confidence builds up within as we know it is not by our strength, but God’s power shines through us.

God sets the husband to be the head of the family. Husband is to be a role model as they speak and act. In addition to being a provider of family needs, the husband must also carefully study the words and execute principles of the Bible in their home.

Brothers, are you willing to be bold for Jesus?
The Lion of Judah is in you, declare God’s blessing to your home! May you roar like a lion!

“See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. “
— Revelation 5:5


   ARTIST    Daniel Li
  WRITER    Daniel Li
ENGLISH EDITOR    Rosemarie Chiu  

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