2023 Art Show-True Beauty

“娓” embodies a diligent and tireless spirit, carrying the meanings of perseverance, effort, and beauty. To those who strive, ponder, tirelessly contribute, and shoulder responsibilities, you are truly beautiful. The path of hard work can be challenging for an individual, but you have never been alone. If you don’t mind having a group accompany you to wipe away tears, share smiles, or take another step forward, consider exploring our art and listening to the narratives woven in our exhibition—《河畔果畫展。娓篇》.

Silicon Valley x Taipei — Inner Dialogues of Urban Women

Silicon Valley x Taipei —                                  Inner Dialogues of Urban Women


邊歆茹 Crystal BIEN


余裴文 Phoebe YU


Alice Hsiao AH


田可宜 Molly


李葦 Ruth LI